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Production Techniques
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Constant thinking along with the current market needs perhaps still best reflected in fully developed ourselves and recently marketed LeeFrame®. This system is designed to serve as a better alternative to the current methods such as prefabricated timber frame and precast concrete. LeeFrame® not only knows to combine the best of these building systems, but adds even some key features … Lees meer

Although over the years within the Dutch architecture many beautiful and sophisticated creations have appeared, our country continues to base still a traditional brick processor. Not surprising, of course, because the ancient brick a series of very positive qualities such as reliability, durability, breathability, lots of colors and surface textures possible, strong and aesthetically appealing and very long life. On … Lees meer

Besides all the conventional coating materials LeeBond® is an odd duck in the pond. This thin sandwich panels of 3, 4 and 6 mm thickness are thus particularly suitable as high-quality external cladding and for interior application. LeeBond® is thereby also very durable and allows process is simple way to allow visitors to coat both new construction and renovation, complex … Lees meer

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