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With Leebo you can make everything

That is our most important motto here at Leebo Intelligent Building Systems. It is Leebo’s big strength, and this has been the case since 1989, when we first started. We believe in creativity, thinking along with our clients, and stimulating our architects’ imaginations. We believe that our customer is king.

Leebo works with a system that is straightforward but allows for creativity and imagination. Our team of engineers takes the clients’ wishes, principal assignments and architects’ visions and translates these into affordable and buildable solutions. We think outside the box and this results in innovative building.

Over the years Leebo has become an expert in building any type of building facade and frontage. We use our product LeeFrame, a lightweight steel construction, as a base for all facades, which means they can then be covered with any facade coating. This way we can offer our clients a total building solution for their frontage, saving them a lot of time and money. The sooner Leebo is involved in the building process, the better we can play into people’s wishes.

Leebo has two production locations, consisting of three halls and more than 10,000 m2 of production space, in both Drunen and Nieuwkuijk. All the building disciplines and equipment (including but not limited to engineering, laser cutting, punching, milling, rolling, hemming, skirting, assembling and mounting) are under our own care. This makes us very flexible and allows for custom-made products and short-term production and completion of projects.

In short: with Leebo you can make anything!

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